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Angel de la Luna - Discussion Questions

These guiding questions were developed by Dr. Allyson Tintiangco Cubales, professor of ethnic studies, and Dr. Dawn Mabalon, professor of history. They are both faculty members at San Francisco State University and part of Pin@y Educational Partnerships. download discussion questions...
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In Context (Why Angel has No Glossary)

When I was little, growing up in Peoria, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and for a time, the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, my parents spoke to each other in a language different than the one they spoke to my brothers and me. Theirs was a secret spelled out in syllables—fast and rhythmic where vowels lined up one right after the other—triple As and double Es—rupturing the air like fireworks—where Hs were nonexistent on my father’s tongue and my mother rolled her Rs. My brothers Mike and Manny and I spoke our first words not in Tagalog, but in English. download pdf...

Screaming Monkeys - Discussion Questions

You’ve just completed reading—or reading around in—Screaming Monkeys: Critiques of Asian American Images.You probably enjoyed some pieces, laughed out loud, or learned something new. Other works might have left you angry or defensive, wanting to start an argument.
What follows is intended to help you construct a bigger picture to frame your reading. It posesmore questions than it provides neat summaries: it asks you to debate the authors, to take them on, to investigate their meanings. It includes “found” quotations that are meant to inspire, provoke, or amuse. In some cases, it pushes you to seek other avenues of inquiry beyond this printed page.
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